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  • Steven Murray, Mark Filowitz, Martin Bonsangue, Rochelle Woods, Sean Walker, Cathy Fernandez-Weston, Ricardo Lopez. (July 2011)
    Improving Transfer Student Success in STEM Majors Spotlight on Supplemental Instruction, NASPA Region VI Newsletter.
  • Mark Filowitz, Sean Walker, Martin V. Bonsangue, Hye Sun Moon, and Edward Sullivan (April 2012)
    Supplemental Instruction for Increased STEM Student Success. League for Innovation in the Community College, Learning Abstracts, 15(4).
  • Bonsangue, M.,  CadwalladerOlsker, T., Engelke, N., Fernandez-Weston, C., Filowitz, M., Hershey, J., Moon, S.,  Renne, C., Sullivan, E.,  Walker, S., Woods, R. (2012)
    The Effect of Supplemental Instruction on Transfer Student Success in First-Semester Calculus. The Learning Assistance Review, 18(1), 61-75.