Internal Advisory Committees

California State University, Fullerton

  • Dr. Steve Murray (Acting Vice President, Academic Affairs) Chair
  • Dr. Kandy Mink Salas (Associate Vice President, Student Affairs)
  • Dr. Edgar Trotter (Acting Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Programs)
  • Dr. Stephen Goode (Chair, Department of Mathematics)
  • Dr. Susamma Barua (Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science)
  • Dr. Robert Koch (Acting Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics)

Mount San Antonio College

  • Dr. Virginia Burley (Vice President, Instruction) Chair
  • Karelyn Hoover (Chair, Chemistry Department)
  • Thomas Mauch (Associate Dean, Counseling)
  • Dr. Meghan Chen (Director, Learning Assistance)
  • Bailey Smith (Assistant Director, Learning Assistance and SI Program)
  • Matt Munro (Mathematics)
  • Dr. Cindy Shannon (Biology)
  • Dr. Kenny Huang (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Mark Boryta (Earth Sciences & Astronomy)
  • Dr. Iraj Nejad (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Larry L. Redinger (Dean, Natural Sciences)
  • Deborah Williams (Mathematics)
  • Heidi Parra (Mathematics)

Santa Ana College

  • Dr. Linda Rose (Vice President, Academic Affairs) Chair
  • Dr. Jorge Lopez (Professor, Department of Biology)
  • Dr. Kathy Takahashi (Professor, Department of Biology)
  • Catherine M. Shaffer (Counselor and Coordinator, MESA)